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Lockdown Christmas

Taylor 5 mins
Lockdown Christmas

How to have a festive holiday season despite the lockdown.


We’re halfway through December and there’s barely a Christmas hut, let alone a Christmas market in Berlin.  Travel and meeting groups of people remain restricted and some of you might be ready to “bah-humbug” the whole season. But don’t fret, we’ve got some ideas to festive up your lockdown.



Whether you normally have a tree or not, this season it is worth having some decorations in the house. Even that Santa hat sitting on your world globe is better than nothing. Try printing a few photos of your previous travels and/or loved ones and hanging them on the tree. A reminder that things will, one day return to normal.


Buy some Glühwein

Or Kinderpunsch if you prefer to avoid alcohol. Alternatively, you could make your own. Some red wine, cinnamon, orange, sugar, and some spices will get the job done. Then, after you’ve decorated, put the Log Fire show on (check Netflix, it’s a thing) and sip your hot wine and let the tastes and smells get you into the spirit.


Go for a walk

While the weather outside isn’t warm, it certainly hasn’t been frightful here in Berlin. The crisp, cold yet sunny days are a delightful time to go for a walk through the city, check out the Christmas and Hanukkah decorations near the Brandenburg Gate, and even grab another glühwein for the road.


Watch a Christmas movie

There are enough terrible Christmas movies vying for attention on Netflix, but there are some great ones too! (You could also choose to have a terrible Christmas movie marathon). You can spice this up by turning it into an online watch party with your friends and even wear some hideously ugly Christmas jumpers. While everybody has their own picks for great Christmas movies, some of our favorites are Elf and Home Alone, but the absolute best, of course, is Die Hard!


Organize to spend some (virtual) time with loved ones

This year, we’ve all spent more time on Skype/Zoom than we’d prefer. But we are still very lucky to live in a time where we can still see our loved ones' faces despite the distance and restrictions that separate us. If you want to try something a little different, (allow us a little shameless self-promotion) you could always organize to do one of our fantastic virtual tours with your loved ones around the world. Maybe your mother has always wanted to go to Rome, well you could join her on an expertly guided virtual tour using the Zoom app. We’ve got virtual tours available all over Europe. Check them out here.


Whatever you decide to do this holiday season, we at Essence of Berlin wish you a very happy, healthy, and safe festive season. Ho Ho Ho!