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The Best Open-air Cinemas in Berlin Right Now

Sam Bavin 5 mins
The Best Open-air Cinemas in Berlin Right Now

With recent warm weather giving us balmy evenings, it’s the high point of open-air cinema season here in Berlin. What’s more – with Covid-19 compromising other nighttime cultural pursuits – various new pop-up kinos have opened to supplement the city’s well-established spots and satiate demand for safe, al-fresco after-dark activities. Planning a trip to the movies? Need some inspiration? 

Here are the Top Open Air Cinemas In Berlin:

Freiluftkino Hasenheide

In a nutshell: Simple amphitheater with plenty of surrounding flora and a clandestine vibe – screening critically acclaimed movies, indie and arthouse flicks and the odd trash film for irony’s sake.

Where: Volkspark Hasenheide

Capacity: Usually 1000 seats | Currently 500 seats

Price: €9



Freiluftkino Kreuzberg 

In a nutshell: A deckchair bedecked lawn in the heart of the Kunstquartier (‘Art’s Quarter) Bethanien – this one’s the chill baby brother/sister of the bigger Berlin open-air cinemas. Varied program, with films in English and German. 

Where: Mariannenplatz 2, 10997, Berlin

Capacity: Usually 600 seats | Currently 500 seats

Price: €8.50



Freiluftkino Friedrichshain

In a nutshell: The one Freiluftkino to rule them all. Overlooked by a hill burying a former WWII flak tower, this one has monster capacity – 1800 spaces (limited to 500 currently because of Covid) on benches and seats with space for blankets on the grass too.  

Where: Volkspark Friedrichshain

Capacity: Usually 1800 seats | Currently 500 seats

Price: €8.50



Pompeji – Freiluftkino am Ostkreuz

In a nutshell: Charming, alternative small-scale cinema nestled in a postindustrial courtyard at Ostkreuz. Beer garden attached. 

Where: Laskerstraße 5, 10245, Berlin

Seating: 99 seats

Price: €6.50



Stasi Museum

In a nutshell: Pop-up courtyard cinema showing films, fiction and nonfiction, about the East German Ministry of State Security (STASI) – each film followed by a discussion with contemporary witnesses, the filmmakers and experts.

Where: Ruschestraße 103, 10365, Berlin

Seating: N/A

Price: Free




In a nutshell: Backlit by the bright lights of Potsdamer Platz’s skyscraper skyline, this one has a slicker, more contemporary urban feel than the other spots on this list. Programmed by Yorck Kinos.  

Where: Matthäikirchplatz 4, 10785, Berlin

Seating: Usually 1000 seats | Currently 500 seats

Price: €9



Astor Film Lounge on Alice Rooftop

In a nutshell: Fancy-schmancy bespoke rooftop cinema with lots of leather furniture. Showing lauded contemporary features and bonafide classics, and serving gin and tonics.  

Where: Kantstraße 17, 10623, Berlin

Seating: 50 seats

Price: From €39.90 (entry includes a Flammküchen, popcorn, and a ‘summer drink’)



Carrona Autokino 

In a nutshell: Pop-up drive-in cinema with a terribly punned name showing big-budget, family-friendly Hollywood flicks. Quality of the Kino depends on the quality of your car.

Where: Parkplatz P 05 at the Olympiastadion | Olympischer Platz 3, 14053, Berlin

Seating: Max. 5 people per vehicle

Price: from €25



Header photograph: Freiluftkino Pompeji, © W. Gladow